Summer Camp 2018

In the last week of August we held our summer camp at Farleigh School, the sun shone, the kids were as sparkly as ever….
It was a noisy camp that’s for sure….Gus gave up his time to teach us the drums, so much fun – please come back soon when our ears have recovered.
Banksy….. you’ve got competition!….Kate Annis from Myloart  helped the kids create graffiti masterpieces, loaded with spray paints and stencils they designed their own pictures and t-shirts, it was by far their most favourite activity…..and ours!
As always the sport was on tap, we introduced Hockey this camp much to the delight of our volunteers! The kids loved it especially when they beat Kiki’s team, a huge thanks to Mark Taylor from Andover Hockey Club for giving up his time to come and teach us.
Finally we said goodbye to our yr 7 kids, you’ve been great, you’ve made us laugh a lot, you’ve taught us a lot,  friendships made all round. We might not see you on the camps anymore but we will see you at the mentoring clubs in September – we can’t wait.