Kimpton Racing Stables

Kids on Track took a small group of older children to visit Kimpton Racing Stables. We were all very excited about this amazing opportunity but it proved to be even more successful than we had expected. After a brief introduction we were taken to see one of the horses using a treadmill which was fascinating and really got the children’s attention. After being split into two groups we were taken round the stables by one of the young staff that work there. We saw horse after horse in their stables and the work of the staff was explained to us. How they clean out the stable, feeding the horses, exercising the horses etc. What caught the children’s attention was how this was a job that they could aspire to. We asked lots of questions about training to get to their position and a day in their life. After visiting the staff’s accommodation and hearing about the amazing community they have alongside their job, a couple of our children were really inspired and thought it maybe something they would consider in years to come.

The tack room was an incredible sight with bridle after bridle. We were told how to look after the tack and the responsibilities the person in charge of the tack room has. The children were then shown the position of a jockey riding an Equicizer, a piece of equipment that gives jockeys the chance to practice. The children were then invited to have a go and were shown how to use their body weight to pull on the reigns.

Finally the children were taken to see two ponies they could pet. They fed them treats and spent some time stroking and hugging the ponies.

After some delicious snacks we all piled in to Izzy’s sitting room to watch one of the horses from the yard in a race on the TV. A wonderful way to finish up the afternoon.

Our visit to Kimpton Stables opened all of our eyes to what goes on behind the scenes of race horses. It gave the children an amazing insight into a career with horses and something that is achievable and possible for those that are interested. We are so grateful to all at Kimpton Riding stables for giving us this opportunity.