It is well documented that children from disadvantaged areas tend to have lower self-confidence and self-esteem and this leads to lower grades at GCSE, poorer career prospects and lower aspirations.

Extracurricular Clubs

At KoT Towers we thought and thought and thought about how we could keep in regular contact with our kids, inbetween camps, whilst building trust and confidence with them alongside life skills such as socialising, self motivation and resilience one bright spark came up with the idea of extra curricular clubs – boom 1 yr on and the clubs have taken off with a blast….

Over the last year members of Kids on Track from Winton School have taken part in cookery, drama, singing, dancing and public speaking. This term we also began a cooking club at Harrow Way.  The key things as always is making sure the young people who come along to the clubs have fun.

We also have five boys signed up to Andover Youth football club and one girl participating in the long overdue theatre company drama club. We can’t wait to see her on the big screen!


For those in year 9 and above we are putting together bespoke mentoring programmes that will help identify the ‘little extras’ that will help the children reach their full potential.  This might be through academic guidance, emotional support or simply a sympathetic ear.

Work Experience

Our aim is to raise the aspirations of the young people at Kids on Track by removing the barriers to higher education and giving them exciting, high quality experiences that will help them to set higher life goals.


  • We can’t thank Kids on Track enough for all the support they have given our son

  • It is thanks to Kids on Track that Ross has had the confidence to apply for his first job

  • I could never have attended weekly football clubs without Kids on Track