Easter Camp 2022

Well wasn’t that a fantastic three days – we were exhausted by the end, but it was completely worth every ounce of energy we used to pull off this successful and fun Easter Camp.

Day 1 was filled with basketball lessons, circus skills, baking and arts & crafts.  The children really showed off their artistic skills with personalising t-shirts – all of which looked excellent.  We had a wonderful basketball teacher, Rich, who we were lucky enough to have for two of the days so that the children could really hone their skills.  We adored the circus skills and were seriously put to shame by some of the children’s hula-hooping.

Day 2 was a wonderful day with more basketball and baking, board games and arts & crafts – the children bought so much enthusiasm and had smiles on their faces all day.  Of course there was always time for some football and a game called Vortex Quidditch – lots of running around and getting fresh air.

Day 3 involved several grand finale’s – there was the Easter Egg hunt where the children found piles of eggs – the obstacle race and tug of war and then the decorating of the cakes that the children had been baking on Day 1 & 2 – the efforts were incredible with lots of well deserved medals won, and then the winner who was thrilled to get a trophy.

We could not have pulled this off without our incredible team of volunteers – thank you so much – the support and sharing of the KoT vision means that camps like this happen, and what a camp – now to start planning the Summer one….