COVID 19 Update

We are delighted to announce that the summer camp 2020 will go ahead.  The safety of the children and the volunteers is of the utmost importance to us and we will be adhering to strict hygiene guidelines.

  • The children will be in bubbles of 15, with one adult volunteer and two helpers.  The bubbles won’t mix with each other.
  • We have put together a timetable that gives all the children a chance to do everything, but not come into contact with anyone outside their own bubble.
  • The sessions will be an hour long and there will be 15 minutes between each one for the children to wash their hands properly. The rooms and equipment they have been using will be properly cleaned and disinfected by a specialist Clean Team.
  • We will encourage the children to use hand sanitiser regularly.
  • They will also be given disposable masks when the get onto the buses, which they will put in the bin when they arrive at the camp.  When they go home they will be given another disposable mask, which they can put in the bin at home.
  • We have put together a Risk Assessment so that if any child shows any symptoms of coronavirus, they will be isolated and brought home as soon as possible. Everyone else in that bubble will be asked to isolate too.
  • Children should all bring their own water bottles.

We hope you feel that we are taking all possible precautions for your children, and give them the usual fantastic time they have come to expect from a Kids on Track Holiday Camp!