October Camp 2020

We were incredibly fortunate to have squeezed in our Autumn half term camp just before a second national lockdown was announced – and we really did make the most of it! This was one of our busiest camps ever, involving 42 children and our incredible team of enthusiastic, energetic volunteers. Everyone was in bubbles of 15 for both days and clever timetabling from Georgie meant that no one missed out on anything!

The two day camp started at the Pick Your Own Farm in St. Mary Bourne where everyone chose a pumpkin, and a huge thank you to Dan and his team who have been incredibly kind and donated the pumpkins to KoT this year. Once everyone had picked their perfect pumpkin, it was off to Farleigh School where a seriously fabulous mix of activities awaited the children. This year we learnt TikTok dances with Molly, had a go at martial arts, had healthy eating/smoothie making lessons, carved pumpkins, and even completed a cycling proficiency course! Everyone threw themselves into each activity with gusto and even the “don’t eat anything green” brigade braved a kale smoothie!

This camp also saw the graduation of 5 children; this is always a bittersweet moment for all the team at KoT when children are ready to ‘move on’ but its never goodbye and always ‘au revoir’ as we will continue to keep in close contact with the children and it’s so wonderful that several past graduates now volunteer for us.