Ice Marathon Raises £11k for Kids on Track

Jim and Serena Coulton completed an epic trek across the frozen north of Norway all in aid of Kids on Track.

‘It was a life changing experience for us and there was at least one time when I thought I couldn’t do it and we’d be stuck out on the top of the wilderness in the dark (forever)! But we just learned to put one foot in front of the other… the last 2 days we were moving for 15 thigh-sapping hours.’

The four day trip included a 15km walk, 26 miles on fatbikes across the snow, 28 miles cross country skiing and to finish a 26 mile run across the snow.

‘Despite all the hardship it was the most amazing experience ever in the company of the most wonderful people – some of whom had willpower and stamina that I have never before witnessed (the winner did it in under half our time).’

Well done and a huge thank you to Jim and Serena from Kids on Track.